We truly value our clients, and we appreciate the kind words they’ve had to say about us.

Here are a few examples:

Barry, Brett and the whole team at Weidenbaum & Harari were amazing to work with – professional, efficient and most of all caring. I bought an HDFC coop in NYC which has all kinds of different protocols and procedures for purchase and they were knowledgeable and patient throughout the entire process. When I found a leak in the apartment that was causing water damage on my final walk through (!!) they were on top of it through the weekend to ensure that everything was taken care of in order for me to close on that Monday. They are simply the best and I could not recommend them more highly!

Like you, I was skeptical about all the positive reviews here. Let me tell you how they achieved that – being professional, responsible and responsive.
Stephanie, Jack and the team helped me for the past 5 months to get out of the swamp of being a first time buyer. I’ve asked a lot, and I’ve learnt a lot. They devoted time and effort to every detail during due diligence, on the contract and at the closing.
I truly felt safe and peaceful with someone experienced and knowledgeable by my side to fight for my ground. And that feeling keeps reminding me that I hired a good attorney, which is the first advice I received from my friends and colleagues about home buying.

Weidenbaum & Harari LLC was extremely helpful on my first time purchase of a Co-op in NYC and answered all of my questions quickly and in a plain English manner. They were extra responsive, polite, professional and worked seamlessly with all of the parties involved in the transaction. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Barry and Despina worked with me on purchasing an apartment, and they were just the best. Totally professional and diligent (they caught an assessment that the seller hadn’t disclosed to me), but also friendly, human, and non-threatening at all times.  I would not hesitate to recommend them, or work with them again myself.


We worked with Jack Harari throughout the process and he was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. We asked a lot of questions (as you should given that this is easily the biggest purchase you will ever make) and Jack was extremely understanding and helpful. We put our full trust in him and always consulted him regarding any major progress/decisions we were making/negotiating throughout the process. Jack always gave us his objective and professional advice. On the day of the closing, Jack explained every single document to us and advised which papers are OK for us to sign, which I thought was extremely helpful, compared to my parents blindly signing things at their closing. I highly recommend using W&H for any NYC real estate transaction and would definitely be using them if we are to buy/sell in the future.


Barry and his firm are the BEST!! Barry was unconditionally supportive, generous and amazing with his commitment to our home purchase.  They went above and beyond what I would expect, and always had our best interests in mind at every stage.  I can’t thank this firm enough for their contribution to our 1st home buying process – I recommend them without hesitation!


I worked with Jack Harari and an associate on the recent sale of my apartment. I had a great experience with them – detail oriented, made the complicated process very easy to understand, and were patient with my abnormally-long close process. It should also be noted that the buyer’s bank rep was 2 hours late to the closing. Jack was so patient and chatted with me and my parents.  So basically, if you have to be stuck in a conference room with any lawyer, my vote goes to Jack. I highly recommend you engage this firm for your transaction!


Barry and colleagues provided exceptional service in my co-op purchase, and I recommend them without reservation. They were thorough, responsive, clear, and were an essential advocate in the process. The seller’s broker, lawyer, and the co-op’s lawyer, all of whom never worked with W&H before, noted that W&H were “very good,” “thorough” and the level of service was very uncommon given the size of the transaction. For example, Barry and staff pushed hard for an earlier closing date, saving me several thousand dollars in additional rent, extensions and other fees. The co-op lawyer wondered if I was someone “special” – rest assured I am not! Hiring W&H was the best money I spent in the transaction.  I worried about many things in the process, but my legal representation was not one of them.


We just closed on an HDFC co-op in the East Village, and found Weidenbaum and Harari through a neighborhood recommendation. Our mortgage was hard to secure, we had to negotiate directly with the seller, which was tense, and the deal almost fell apart a couple of times. Plus the HDFC rules, while helpful for us, don’t make things any easier in terms of lawyers’ work. Jack Harari and his associate did great work for us. Always super polite, timely and informative. I never felt like a bother for asking a lot of questions. It was our first time home purchase, and we’re both self-employed artists, not working with a ton of capital. They kept showing up for us in important ways, and never made us feel ‘less than’ because we were doing a fairly small deal.


We used Weidenbaum and Harari for our coop closing and were really happy with them. They have been always positive, supportive and responsive to all of my questions. It has been easy and clear working with them.