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December 28, 2022

In New York City, many struggle with “homelessness, living in poor quality housing, or . . . keep[ing] up with housing costs.”[1] As a result, New York City released a blueprint aimed to address these issues. The five main goals the City seeks to accomplish are:

  1. Transforming NYCHA housing;
  2. Addressing homelessness and housing instability;
  3. Creating and preserving affordable housing;
  4. Improving the health and safety of New Yorkers; and
  5. Reducing administrative burden.[2]

The city plans to use multiple methods to meet these goals, such as prioritizing people over parking, where a neighborhood is “transit-rich.”[3] By sacrificing parking space, developers can use that land to construct additional housing.[4] Along with this, the city also plans to rezone neighborhoods so that there is a wider variety of units to accommodate different housing needs.[5]

The city plans to engage various other tools as well, in order to make housing more equitable for all New Yorkers.[6] To see all the methods that the city plans to employ in reaching their goals, view the full report here:



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