NYC Real Estate Attorney’s Closing Report: March 2018

August 20, 2018

Just a few of our recent closings. If you are also looking to buy or sell at these property addresses, you might want to give us a call.

Property Value Transaction
 243 West 70th Street, NY, NY $795,000  Coop Purchase
 1615 Avenue I, BK, NY $427,500  Coop Purchase
 222 East 80th Street, NY, NY $453,500  Coop Refinance
 240 East 35th Street, NY, NY $645,000  Coop Purchase
 305 East 24th Street, NY, NY $728,000  Coop Purchase
 57 Devoe Street, BK, NY $137,400  Coop Refinance
 244 West 4th Street, NY, NY $765,000  Coop Sale
 923 Schenectady Avenue, BK, NY $585,000  House Purchase
 31 Jane Street, NY, NY $1,735,000  Coop Purchase
 184 Harding Drive, New Rochelle, NY $550,000  House Purchase

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